Easy Stream

A Document Management application created especially for digitizing and automating the process of signing and approving documents within companies.

The application can run in the cloud or on-premises and includes multiple modules such as: OCR, document generation, reporting, approval flows and document signing with qualified, advanced or simple signatures.

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Easy Sign

Digitization and automation of document signing and approval processes

EasyStream simplifies the process of signing and approving documents, the system of chain-linked signing and approval makes signing documents easy and fast, from any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

All you have to do is set the recipients and the documents are automatically sent for signing and approval.

Flexible roles depending on internal process and procedures

EasyStream allows a multitude of roles: signer for electronic signature (qualified, advanced or simple), reviewer to add comments and approver to approve the continuation of the signing process.

Protect the contents of documents

EasyStream allows increased security for document content. The initiator can add a password, that he communicates to users, which will be used to view the document in the signing and approval process.

Signing is quick and easy

Users to whom you send the document do not need to have an EasyStream account. As long as they have a digital certificate, signing is quick and easy.

EasyStream allows signing documents with any qualified digital certificate issued according to European Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS), and signing with Trans Sped qualified digital certificates can be done from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC).

Comprehensive logs

EasyStream allows you to track the status of approval and signing flows through live tracking so that you can follow the signing process and the document's position in the stream at any time.


Interactive dashboard

The EasyStream application includes a module for managing and monitoring your own activity and that of your team.


Smart search for initiated streams

Through the search module you can easily and quickly find all the documents submitted for signing and / or approval.