Electronic Seal

Qualified certificates for electronic seal are an electronic signature tool for legal entities. This type of signature can be used both by private sector companies and by public institutions.

Qualified certificates for electronic seal are regulated by Regulation (EU) eIDAS 910/2014 and are intended to protect documents issued by a Legal Entity when used.

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Advantages and Benefits

- Guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the document issued by a Legal Entity
- Protects against the issued document from forgery or modification

Where can an Electronic Seal be used?

- Official Information
- Invoices issued by the Legal Entity
- Certificates issued for various purposes but with an official character
- Commercial Offers and / or related documents submitted in electronic format
- Official documents issued between companies that are part of a group of companies

Qualified certificate for electronic seal with keys stored on a token

1 year

110 EUR + VAT (19%)

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2 years

190 EUR + VAT (19%)

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3 years

280 EUR + VAT (19%)

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