HR Digital Transformation

Digitize the process of signing documents in the employment relationship

The digitalisation of signing employment documents is simpler than ever. TSP offers you the necesarry tools to make it happen.

With TSP you have end-to-end solutions for the digital transformation of the activity between the HR department and the employees.

TSP solutions for digitization and automation of document generation and transmission processes, as well as reliable services such as: advanced and qualified electronic signature, qualified time stamp, qualified electronic seal and electronic archive, offer you an all in one package with all the necessary tools to optimize the activity of your company.


Create the document quickly and easily or upload an existing document and send it for signing

EasyStream simplifies the process of signing and approving documents, the system of chain-linked signing and approval makes signing documents easy and fast, from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC).

All you have to do is upload the document, or EasyStream can generate it, and select the people who need to sign it.

The EasyStream solution transmits the document to each recipient in chronological order and takes care to apply the advanced or qualified electronic signature, the qualified time stamp and the qualified electronic seal, and at the end the document automatically reaches the electronic archive.

Get a qualified or advanced digital certificate easily and quickly

Obtaining the advanced and qualified certificate is an online process that takes only a few minutes.

You can sign the documents in a few seconds on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop) at the highest security standards.

At the end of the process, the documents are electronically archived

The employer's copy, signed qualified or advanced, with the time stamp and qualified seal, is automatically archived in the long-term electronic archive solution according to the legal provisions, guaranteeing the validity and preservation of the legal value of the document.

The documents are securely archived and can be available anytime, easily and quickly.