Optimize the activity of the Procurement department using TSP digitization solutions

For a long time the activity of the Procurement department was associated with bureaucracy and resources allocated to the management of the flow of documents, offers, contracts, invoices and much more.

Digitization solutions offer efficiency and optimization of the activity of this department. TSP offers solutions for automating the processes associated with the Procurement department, so that the associated time and resources decrease visibly.


Sign procurement contracts in just a few seconds

EasyStream simplifies the process of signing and approving documents, the system of chain-linked signing and approval makes signing documents easy and fast, from any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

All you have to do is upload the document, or EasyStream can generate it, and select the people who need to sign it, having the traceability and transparency of the whole process.

The EasyStream solution sends the document to each recipient in chronological order and takes care to apply the electronic signature, the qualified time stamp and the qualified electronic seal, and at the end the document automatically arrives in the electronic archive.

TSP solutions provide the necessary tools for electronic signature of invoices and transmission to partners

By integrating PDFsigner, the applications in your ecosystem can now also create PDF documents (with simple, advanced or qualified signature), the application of the qualified time stamp and the qualified electronic seal.

With just one endpoint all documents can be signed easily and quickly. The documents can be signed one by one or in bulk, depending on the need of the applicability scenario.


You have the security and trust of the documents signed using the electronic archive

The documents archived in the TSP electronic archive are kept according to the highest security standards and according to the legal provisions and can be available at any time, simply and quickly.