Sales Process Digital Transformation

Digitally conclude commercial transactions and save time and money in signing contracts

The relationship with your customers can begin and can take place exclusively online. Thus, the saved resources can be used to develop partnerships and business opportunities while TSP technology deals with bureaucracy.

TSP digitization solutions offer you an end-to-end experience of data collection, identification, issuance of digital certificates, signing and long-term electronic archiving of documents for the development of an online flow to start the relationship with customers.

EasyStream simplifies the process of signing and approving documents, the system of chain-linked signing and approval makes signing documents easy and fast, from any device (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

All you have to do is set the recipients and the documents are automatically sent for signing and approval.

Integrate digital flow into existing solutions

Approving and signing documents is faster than ever. In a few seconds you can approve or sign documents from any device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

You can integrate the digital flow of sending and signing documents with CRM solutions or other software applications used by the company to optimize and streamline the process of offers and signing contracts with partners.

TSP solutions expose APIs that allow integration with any software solution.


Your partners can sign contracts easily and quickly, in just a few seconds

Use the time spent in meetings with partners to discover and develop business opportunities.

TSP digitization solutions allow obtaining a qualified and advanced certificate in just a few minutes, and signing documents can be done in seconds from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop).

Electronically archive documents securely with the TSP electronic archive service

The final document is automatically archived in the long-term electronic archive solution, according to the legal provisions, guaranteeing the validity and preservation of the legal value of the document.

The documents are securely archived and can be available anytime, easily and quickly.